1/20 @ 0630


5 Minutes Double Unders

10 Rounds (on the minute)

2 Clean & Jerk

4 V Situps

4 Ring Dips


You have 20 minutes to find a new 1RM Clean and Jerk

3 Rounds:
You have 2 minutes to complete 10 thrusters (135/95), followed by AMRAP toes to bar.
Rest 1 minute
Thruster weight should be challenging — go heavy. If you do all sets unbroken in 25 seconds, you’ve obviously scaled too light.
Your score is total reps TTB.

Clean & Jerk: 105 lbs.

METCON Score:  36 TTB w/55 lb. Thrusters

Double unders are never a good start for me since I can’t actually do them.  Today I did, however, get 5 in a row…which is still awful, but quite good for me.  These things are like a series of unfortunate events:  first my bra starts letting the ladies out, then my pants start falling down, then I end up whipping myself with the damn rope (which really really does NOT feel good!), and finally I end up catching the rope on my pony tail.  What an awful thing for others to have to witness.

I’m happy with my clean & jerk weight today because I think it’s a new PR for me.  I was pretty sure I could get clean the weight up, but was unsure of getting it over my head.  85 and 95 lbs were both fairly easy and went up no problem.  When I went up to 105, I failed initially and had to syke myself out by adding the weight in smaller increments.  I added 2.5’s on each side to get up to 100 and got that up without too much of a problem.  Then added 1.25’s to each side and got up to 102.5 and that was still ok….and then added another 1.25 to each side to get me up to 105.  Got it up there, but it was def my max for the day.  Just found it interesting that I couldn’t do it initially, but when I added in the lower increments, I was able to get there.  Let this be a lesson (to myself) that we get 20 minutes to “work up” to a new 1RM for a reason.  Duh.

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