7/18 @ 5:30pm – “Fran” – Patriot

Scale this such that you finish in under 4 minutes. Best to use the same rep scheme, but switch to jumping pull-ups when your pull-ups give out and use a weight that will let you get through all the thrusters with no more than one break per round.

Overhead Squat

Thrusters (95/65)


My hand placement is totally off on the OHS….my wrists and left shoulder wanted to die so I didn’t try going any heavier.  Pretty sure I could get more weight up if I could get the hand placement right and stabilize my core a bit better.  Haven’t done these in a while so I’ll have to work on them more….

METCON – “Fran”
Scaled to 55lbs and jumping pullups
Time: 4:04