Death by HSPU

Completed 6 rounds and then did 3 per round


3 Rounds

Row 500m

12 DL at BW

21 Box Jumps (24/20)


Metcon: 13:54 w/ 500m first round and then 400 rounds 2 & 3. Way to screw up the wod, Toni. Grr.

This sucked. My whole body is a sore mess from yesterday and I basically wanted to die today. I realized the extent of my soreness while I was in the shower this AM. I went to wash my pits (I know, TMI…oops) and nearly yelped cause my biceps hurt so bad. I need to steer clear of pushups this week. My guns are pretty jacked already anyways, so no need to make everyone around me jealous by continuing to grow these puppies. I kid.

I still have nothing to say today. I’m really hoping that one day this week I’m going to come up with something insanely awesome that the public (or perhaps party of 1?) needs to know about. And when I do….boy oh boy is this blog gonna get good! Here’s to hoping…. giggity giggity….