Paleo Corned Beef Dip (or spread if you prefer)

Paleo Corned Beef Dip/Spread



1 Package Uncured Corned Beef (I got mine from Whole Foods)
3 tbsp. Paleo Mayo
Salt/Pepper to taste
2 tbsp. Dill (Lots)
1 ½ tbsp Dried Onion Flakes

  1. Chop up the corned beef. I chopped mine pretty small so that it would fit nicely into bit size scoops on my plantain chips.
  2. Mix in your paleo mayo and all the other ingredients.
  3. Put in the fridge to chill for a few hours so that all of the flavors blend nicely together and it gets…wait for it….cold!
  4. Serve with plantain chips. I haven’t tried this with celery or anything yet but I’m guessing it will be just as tasty. I just happen to love me some plantain chips. They are like crack.
  5. Eat. Duh.

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