Me...pretending to be a runner

I am loud and often obnoxious. I’m extrememly superstitious….like…super duper superstitious. I tend to blatantly overuse (and misuse) ellipses and exclamation points – you will see proof of this is the majority of my posts. I LOVE food – this prob should have been first on the list since this blog is about food and CrossFit…which reminds me to add CrossFit – I love CrossFit and how it’s changed my life (and body) for the better! Huge fan of snowboarding. Love to dance, sometimes mid-wod…ok always mid-wod.

Super into traveling but don’t do it enough since there never seems to be enough time to take all of the trips I want to take.

Top 6 things I day dream about being (in no specific order): Fighter Pilot, Pirate (I like the thought of commandeering ships & things), Ninja, FBI Profiler, Rockstar, Professional Snowboarder.

Things I am good (at least mildly) at: Indecision. Cooking. Snowboarding. Roller Skating (not really but I do have a pair that I might try out soon).

Things I would like to be good at: CrossFit. Time travel (and/or warp zones). Base Jumping.

Holy crow….MOST importantly, I have a boxer pup named Velma – she’s super awesome and insanity at its best. Proof of awesome is below.

Miss Velma Louise


OLD About Me Intro which actually doesn’t say anything about me, interestingly enough: (circa 2010) I started this blog to track my CrossFit and Paleo progress. I started a 6 week Paleo challenge on October 4, 2010 at Potomac CrossFit , so I thought it would be good to start tracking both my diet and performance to help track my progress.

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