XFit Acronyms

1RM = One Rep Max (weight)

AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible

DB = Dumb Bell

DL = Dead Lift

DNA = Did Not Attempt

DNF = Did Not Finish

DNS = Did Not Start

DUs = Double Unders (i.e., jump rope passes under feet twice for each jump)

EMOTM = Every Minute On The Minute

HSPU = Hand Stand Push Up

KB = Kettle Bell

METCON = Metabolic Conditioning (i.e., speed workout for aerobic activity)

OH = Overhead

OHS = Overhead Squat

PR = Personal Record

1 Pood = 16kg or 35lbs

RX = Completed as Prescribed (no scaling of any WOD components)

SDLHP = Sumo Dead Lift High Pull

Tabata = 8 rounds: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. (You can do tabata anything….just has to to be 8 rounds of 20 sec on and 10 sec off)

WOD = Workout Of The Day

W/U = Warm Up

Band Colors for assistance with pull ups/ring dips = (max to min resistance) thick black, green, blue, red, thin black, orange, tan.

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